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Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Podcast first aired in August 2019.  The mission of  our podcast is to give insight on adoption issues, topics and news.  We want to share stories of birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees to help raise adoption awareness.  Our goals of removing stereotypes surrounding adoption and adoption triad members and removing stigmas is to spread accurate adoption information.  

Birth parents and adoptive families beginning their adoption journey, currently on their adoption journey or have completed their adoption journey will benefit from this podcast by answering questions, providing perspectives or addressing topics that may have been uncomfortable discussing with an adoption agency.  Both birth parents and adoptive families may find comfort into listening to other birth parents and adoptive families talk about their adoption journeys, both the highs and the lows.    Listening to birth parents and adoptive families talk about their experience gives incredible insight to those who are beginning their own journey.

Additionally, adoptees who have reunited, are in the process of reuniting with their birth parents or wish to embark on the journey of adoption reunification may find answers to questions, learn about the adoption reunification process and find comfort in hearing stories about those that have gone before them.

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Tuesdays and Fridays at 4:30pm Arizona, Mountain Standard Time

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Birth Mother Matters Podcast


Topic examples include:

  • Interviews with Birth Parents
  • Interviews with Adoptive Families
  • When adoptions disrupt
  • How Birth Parents Choose Adoptive Families
  • What Adoptive Families can do to increase their chances of a positive adoptive outcome
  • Adoption as an abortion alternative
  • Life as an adoptee
  • Adoption Profile Books
  • Adoption Aftercare
  • Birth Parent grief
  • Post Adoption Communication Agreements
  • ICWA: Indian Child Welfare ACT
  • ICPC Interstate Compact Placement Agreement
  • Adoption reunification
  • Adoption in the news
  • Preparing to adopt
  • Understanding the adoption process
  • Open vs. Closed Adoption


Kelly Rourke-Scarry is an adoptee and the Director, President and Co-Founder of Building Arizona Families Adoption Agency and has working in the adoption field for over 16 years.Kelly has also reunited with her birth mother and developed the Donna K. Evans Foundation, which is an adoption aftercare program geared to assist birth mothers.

Ron Reigns is a radio talk show personality, previously on Magic in the Morning with Ron and Leza and then Leza Live with More Ron.He is married to Lisa Simpson, who is an Arizona Attorney and owner of AZ Simpson Law Firm.Ron works with his wife Lisa on the daily happenings of adoption in their law firm.

Kelly Rourke-Scarry

Kelly Rourke-Scarry is married and the proud mother of 7 children after blending her family, ranging in ages from 9 to 24.  

Kelly is the Agency President, CEO and Co-Founder of Building Arizona Families / AZ Pregnancy Help and the Donna K. Evans Foundation. Kelly was placed for adoption by her birth mother at three days old by her birth mother, Donna K. Evans.  Donna was sixteen years old when she gave birth to Kelly.

Kelly was adopted into an amazing adoptive family and has one younger brother who was adopted as well.  She grew up in a stable household, with loving adoptive parents and had an amazing childhood.  Kelly graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and then obtained her master’s degree from Northern Arizona University. She co-founded Building Arizona Families in 2004, which is a non-profit licensed and Hague accredited adoption agency in Phoenix, AZ.

After reuniting with her mother in 2007, Kelly developed a relationship with Donna and her two biological brothers.  

Kelly and her husband blended their families and with Kelly’s four biological children and Adam’s three biological children, they have a large and busy household. 

Kelly’s husband Adam works as the Director of Operations for Building Arizona Families and is exceedingly supportive in her mission to promote adoption awareness.  When Kelly’s birth mother, Donna passed away in 2016, Kelly and Adam, together developed an adoption aftercare program in Donna K. Evans’ honor.  Today, Kelly and Adam travel across the country to meet with families who are considering adopting to further spread adoption awareness, promote adoption aftercare and find adoptive families interested in Building Arizona Families Adoption Agency.

Ron Reigns  

Ron is a native of Arizona, he was born and raised in Glendale, Arizona.  In 1993 Ron and his first wife had a son, who still brings Ron great pride every day. 

Shortly after meeting his current wife Lisa, he told her that he had always loved radio, and wanted to get into the industry “someday”. On their next date Lisa brought a stack of papers concerning broadcasting schools, and within weeks took him to the Academy of Radio Broadcasting in Phoenix.   He got a job at KOOL 94.5, at the time, the #1 station in the sixth largest radio market in the United States. 

Later, Ron worked at a country radio station in Prescott, Arizona.  The radio station  changed its format, and Ron eventually started writing and recording news segments. He worked hard to keep his foot in the door, and it payed off when an opening presented itself on the morning show. 

Ron’s mother passed away, unfortunately, before she had the chance to hear her son fulfilling his lifelong dream to become a morning radio show personality. His mother must have been smiling down on him nonetheless, because Magic in the Morning with Ron and Leza became one of the highest rated morning shows in the region. Later on, the radio industry became automated. 

Together, Lisa and Ron began to build Simpson Law Firm, and continue her journey in adoptions. Eventually, Ron found out that his former radio partner on the morning show was back on the morning show.  Ron worked his way back onto the morning show and Leza Live with More Ron was born. Again, the duo garnered great ratings until more life changes led to Ron resigning from radio again. Ron and Lisa agreed on prioritizing growing the  adoption law firm.